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Nadya Lesnaya (born in Russia, 1984) is an artist whose creative work is built on the transition from impression to expression. Her work in the current art period focuses predominantly on portraiture.

Everything that fascinates in a split second and sparks inspiration serves Nadya as the foundation for creating her works. The artist is looking for the essence of the moment caught, transferring its state into her own and inversely transforming it into the emerging image, be it an emotion, a thought, a sound, a movement ...

Water is the binding basis in Nadya's technique, creating a cyclicity of statics and dynamics of acrylic strokes, she plays with intensity and colour, giving water more freedom. Thus, at the end of the process the artist leaves a sense of slight incompleteness, allowing the viewer to bring in part of their own state of mind to the painting.

She believes that everything that gives us pause and teaches us to contemplate is in us. Immersing into the sources of your own sensation, you begin to feel the magic of the moment.

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